I Am Red Hat

This year, during We Are Red Hat Week, I wanted to share why the words “I am Red Hat” mean so much to me:

I am Red Hat.

I am strong.

I am Open.

I have helped as the power of Freedom brought technology to children in tiny villages all over the world.

I have helped as the power of Freedom proved itself in the datacenters of massive, multinational corporations.

I am Red Hat.

I am inclusive.

I have marveled at the love I see as this amazing extended family celebrates the beauty in differences of culture, gender, and orientation.

I have been a part of something amazing – the fostering of respect, and the championing of equality, for all.

I am Red Hat.

I am responsible.

I am humbled by the courage of fellow Hatters announcing their true identity in a world which, too often, stigmatizes them.

I am honored to work with people who are at the same time supportive and caring, yet wholly drama-free in their support. Never have I been so impressed by so little fanfare when a Hatter has come out or taken on their true gender.

I am Red Hat.

I am proud.

I cannot watch this Red Hat video addressing “It Gets Better” without being reminded of how incredibly proud I am to be a small part of this amazing community and company:



About excogitatus
I'm the chief architect for the central US and Canada at Red Hat. I'll be using this blog to shamelessly spew my opinions about Open Source Software and technology on the Internet.

2 Responses to I Am Red Hat

  1. harishpillay says:

    And I am proud to stand with you on this, Thomas. Proud to be a Red Hatter, ten years of awesome.

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